Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Well, another day of our planning week is done, two left before we start school on Monday! Meet the Teacher night is fast-approaching and I am really looking forward to meeting my students! As of today, I have 18 students which is a higher number than I have ever started with before. I think the last couple of years I started with 14 or 15 before I got a few new students.

Anyway, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that my classroom is 99% complete, has been met with very good reviews from my fellow teachers (people from different grade levels are coming over to see it!), and I should be ready to take pictures for my first classroom reveal tomorrow!

The bad news has to do with my future classroom pets. My five poor little glofish all met an untimely end over the last few days. I was sad to see them go and have decided not to bring any new fish into the classroom. If I was sad to see them go, I'm sure my students would be even more so.

I was getting ready to empty out/clean the tank when I started to notice something odd. There were these tiny little glowing specks that were darting around the tank...

My fish laid eggs!!! Now, I was pretty surprised to count at least 30 fry (baby fish) because when I talked to the person at the pet store she was very adamant that glofish are difficult to breed and I wouldn't end up with a tank full of fry. I just picked up a pack of fry food and am hoping that a few will survive to adulthood. From what I can see, they are growing VERY fast. I have seen several pink, orange, green and purple so far, which I am taking to mean that all of my fish had some part in this little population explosion.

My tank can only support 5-6 adult glofish so I may be needing a bigger tank in the near future...

The New Fish Mommy

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