Monday, September 2, 2013

Classroom Reveal 2013!

Well, this is it! My very first classroom reveal! I am so excited to share what all of my hard work has accomplished and hope you enjoy the tour! This is coming out quite a bit later then I had intended, I always forget how overwhelming the first couple weeks of school are!

Anyway, on to the tour...

We will start with the front door. The shelves will hold our coupons and supplies for our classroom store.

We have our cubbies along the back wall and the "bulletin boards" where we will hang our exemplar work. They are actually just fadeless paper attached to the wall with a border around it! I added the scrapbook paper and clothespins to hold the work. The signs in the center are chalkboards I made to display the standard/scale that goes along with the work.

Here we have some supplies (crayons, glue, etc.) and our mailboxes. We keep the crayons sorted by color in the little white drawers so they are easy to find.

Here is our word wall, lunch basket, etc.

This is our listening center and display for our student of the week.

Student of the week display, the student's picture goes in the center of the flower, then they write facts about themselves in the petals with a dry erase marker.

Listening center

Side wall- storage, behavior chart, job chart, etc.

Homework club and brownie points pan (for class compliments)

I've been using baking pans for a lot of different things. They take up so little space and are really inexpensive! I got all of these at the dollar store! Here they are being used for our behavior chart, writing process chart, writing goals, and related arts sign.

This is my favorite part of my classroom! I LOVE my library! I wasn't able to have a space where kids could sit and read in my classroom last year, so I am loving this space! We keep our leveled readers in the tall bookshelf and other books in the cubbies.


Birthday display and classroom community poster (I will be adding pictures of us throughout the year. This was a big hit last year!)

Here we have our word work drawers, headphones for our mp3 players, pointers, focus board and pocket chart for content vocabulary. The focus board was an oil pan for under a car that I painted with chalkboard paint. My mom made the pocket chart to match my room last year.

Front board with noise levels chart.

 Our rug, made with carpet squares from I LOVE this rug and it was really easy to put together!

Share chair, management tools, and my teacher stool.

 My teacher area- my mom made the skirt to go around my desk. Notice the flamingos on the filing cabinet! :)

Guided reading area/books/my supplies. I am working on a green cover to go over the science boxes on the left so they will look better. :)

We keep our reading bags and guided reading notebooks in the colored baskets.


 Rules (classroom rules on the left, school expectations on the right)

Here is the view from the front door.

 Pink table and their supplies

Blue table and their supplies

Orange table and their supplies

Green table and their supplies

Well, that's it for my very first classroom reveal! I hope you enjoyed the tour and will leave a comment to let me know what you think!



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  2. Hi Victoria! Your classroom is super-cute! I love the color coordinated shelves each group has and the polka-dot desk skirt! Thank you for taking the time to share! Kim