Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Made it: New Library Additions!

I am linking up with 4th grade Frolics for another Monday made it!

This week I am sharing some new additions to my classroom library!

First up, my new chapter book shelves!

I recently finished the classes to get my gifted endorsement, and have needed some higher-leveled books for my library for those kiddos who go beyond first grade reading levels. Enter: Scholastic Reading club! I had been saving points for ages and had enough to get a ton of chapter books at the end of the year. Unfortunately, I didn't have anywhere to put them... until now!

I got two of these black media shelves at Wal-mart (only $10 each!), but wanted something prettier. I found some turquoise contact paper and covered the inside of the shelves.

I was a bit scared at first, I have never worked with contact paper before and I was worried about messing it up. It was way easier than I thought it would be!

The only problem I ran into was when I went to put the shelves back in. It was such a tight fit that it tore the contact paper in a couple of spots. Luckily, I was able to patch them with leftover scraps of contact paper. Once they were pressed down, I could hardly tell where they were!

I added some green polka dot washi tape around the edges to finish it off. I am so in love with the results!

My plan is to have them on either side of a bench in the library. It is going to be called the "book nook." :)

Next up, a small (and awesome!) project that makes my organizational heart happy... color-coded book labels.

I started with some Avery labels and printed them with a solid color. They are rather long, so I am thinking I will be able to cut them into two or three strips each.

The colors may seem a bit random, but here is where the awesomeness comes in... they coordinate with our media center's lexile labeling system!!

I am going to start using them on the chapter books first, and may expand to the rest of the library if I like the results.

Once the kiddos take their Lexile test, they will know which color they should be picking from for a good fit book.

My next project is made entirely of materials that I found leftover from last year's crafting supplies!

I was going through my stash well-organized crafting supplies when I found these two wooden shadowbox frames.

I peeled the labels off, but was unable to get the corners off. I don't know what kind of adhesive they used to stick them on, but it would not be removed!

So, naturally I just came up with a way to cover them!

I painted the frames blue and glued some green felt on the inside to cover the label remnants. I am apparently incapable of cutting felt in a straight line, so I added the pink ribbon to cover the sides.

Voila! They are done and ready to be hung above the chapter book shelves. One will be the display of the lexile color labels, and the other is for the chapter book club. Once the kids are ready for chapter books, their name will go on the sign and they will be able to pick books from the chapter book shelves.

Next, I wanted a way for the kids to know where to put their books back without using bins. I decided to use place marker sticks.

I got some 6 inch paint stirrers and painted them blue, green, or pink. Maggie was kind enough to supervise and was well-behaved enough not to touch! She must not have gotten over that time she got paint on her and I had to chase her around the apartment with a wet washcloth... :)

(here's a quick tip- paint on tin foil for a nonstick surface that is easy to clean up!)

They looked a bit boring, so I added some polka dot washi tape and white circle labels. Once they are in the chapter book club, they will pick a stick that their cubby number go on.

They will leave the stick in place of their chapter book on the shelf so that they will know where to put their book back when they are done.

That's it for this Monday Made it, it was a busy week! Make sure to let me know what you think in the comments and remember to check out all of the other awesome made-its at 4th Grade Frolics!


  1. I love how your bookshelf turned out with the turquoise contact paper and washi tape! That really did give it a great pop of color! I hope you enjoyed your Gifted endorsement classes as much as I did when i took them. I learned so much and have been teaching TAG classes for the past seven years. Love my TAG kids!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your shadow box frames came out great! Very colorful and useful! I know your class will love the Chapter Book Club sign. I have a few "helper cats" that are always getting in my way. I wish they would sit nicely away from my projects like your Maggie.
    Kay @ Sommer’s Lion Pride

  3. I love all your wonderful happy colors. Your projects looks great.


  4. I love your ideas and the book sticks are too cute! I enjoyed reading your blog post! Pam from PJ Jots.

  5. I think the pink ribbon was perfect for the shadow boxes! I like your paint sticks too. Good idea. I am going to check out those shelves at Walmart.

  6. AHHH! So many great ideas in one post! :)


  7. Your library is going to look wonderful! The students will love it!

  8. You've been so busy! I love how when "real life" happens, you seem to have the perfect solution... all your projects look wonderful! Your kiddos will love the library space you've created for them!

  9. I love all these ideas! Your library is going to be amazing!

  10. I love all the colors you chose. Adding contact paper to liven up the bookshelf was an excellent idea, and it turned out great! The books markers look fun and practical. Isn't it amazing how washi tape can make anything better?

    Thank you for sharing everything. Have a great week!

    Elementary Engagement

  11. An organized library...that is on my wish list for forever and I'm not sure it will ever Always 2 steps forwards and then 10 back for me. So much fun that you are adding to your classroom! Love the book nook idea! Thank you for linking up:)

  12. I love how your bookshelf turned out. So cute!

  13. Adorable work. Love the shelf markers. I would need to paint them all with modge podge though or my kinders would destroy them :P Thanks for post. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

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