Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dollar Store Confessions

I have a confession. I have tried to deny it, but it just won't stay hidden any longer. I am a dollar store addict!
I go in for one thing, and come out with 20. Every. Single. Time.
This morning I went over to get some pool noodles so that I can make some card holders for my word work center. I ended up leaving with all of this-
and forgot the pool noodles! Sigh. I am going to have to go back in.
Jokes aside, I can always find lots of goodies for my classroom. I am going to make letter cubes for word work with these:
I have always wanted the unifix cubes with the letters on, but at about $16 a set, I think I will stick to these! They don't connect, but I like that they came in 4 colors so that I can make 4 sets and have different letters on each side of the cubes. I plan to store them in my new green tubs.
I also found these sentence strips in bright pink, green, and blue. How perfect! We use the Reading Street series, and I plan to make cards to go with our spelling words each week. They will go very nicely with the (forgotten) pool noodles that I plan to make!
I saw these cut-outs and I thought they would work well for some kind of matching activity, maybe contractions or place value.
I've seen a lot of pins about cool down cubes and have always wanted to make them. I think that these bright cubes will look nice and be good for giving kids options for when they need to cool down.
As for the rest of my purchases, I am still thinking about how to use them! I will have to make another trip to the dollar store this week to get those noodles... maybe I will make it out without buying anything else this time!

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