Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Made-it: Bucket seats, fluency strips, and a back to school freebie!

Well, the time has come... the first teacher work day! Based on the schedule we received last week, it looks like we will have quite a bit of time to work in our classrooms before met the teacher on Friday.
 I was hoping to have my classroom finished for my post today, but I clearly underestimated the amount of time it would take. It will definitely be ready for next Monday's post though!

Before I show you my made-its, I have to mention what I got in the mail last week...

this beautiful sign from TallahasseeSunday! They customized it to match my classroom colors and it looks absolutely amazing on my classroom door!
I just finished putting together the gifts that I am giving my students as a welcome present.
I made a couple of cute tags to go with the bubbles and the glow bracelets and put them in these pretty bags.
Naturally, the bags had to match my classroom colors!
You can grab the gift tags freebie here!

Next up, I have my new way to store the fluency strips I bought from the Moffatt Girls last year.
I originally had them hanging on magnetic hooks on the side of a metal bookshelf, but that was when I only had 10 sets made. There was no way all 30 were going to fit!
I ended up cutting some foam board to fit in my library windows, adding some cork board to the front, and covering both with felt.
I added some pushpin hooks and voila! I love how bright and colorful they look!
This next made-it was a quick update to an old project.
I made this ribbon wreath a few years ago (see the original how-to post here), but it didn't really match my colors any more.
I ended up adding some new turquoise loops so that it would tie in better with the new color scheme. Nothing big, just a quick fix. :) 

I am VERY excited about this made-it... bucket seats!
I started with some plain 5 gallon paint buckets from Home Depot.
The first (and hardest!) part was to get these gigantic safety labels off the sides.
I used nail polish remover to get the top layer off, then got the remaining adhesive goo off with WD-40. It took a big chunk of one afternoon and was a pretty smelly process!
My mom was kind enough to cover the paint bucket lids with the foam, batting, and fabric.
Naturally, a bucket with a fabric top wasn't enough for me, so I added a band of the fabric with a flower.
 What do you think?!
That's it for this week! Make sure you check out the made-its at the 4th grade frolics link-up!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made it- Center signs, curtains, desk skirt, and more!

This is my last summer made-it post! I am going back to school next Monday, where did the time go?!
On the bright side, I did get into my classroom last week and have gotten a big chunk of the set-up done. I hope to be able to post my 2015 classroom tour by next week. Here is a little sneak peak!

On to the made-it's!

My first made-it this week was something I didn't really ever plan on doing. It just sort of popped into my head while I was making some signs on the computer, so I decided to go for it!
In years past, I haven't really had specific areas of the classroom for centers. All center supplies are kept in buckets and the teams would bring their buckets to their table to work. I am changing it up a bit this year. They will still do the majority of their center work at their table, but I have a few dedicated areas of the classroom for some centers now.
For this project, I used wooden circles that I painted green, covered with Mod Podge, then added a bow and mini clothespin to. I used the clothespins so that I can change out the center sign if I need to.
Each center area will have one of these as a reminder of the expectations at that center.

Next up is my new desk skirt!

I came across this flamingo fabric in a Joann's sales flyer and knew I had to have it!

My mom designed and sewed the desk skirt for me (thanks Mom!).

I think it is just perfect!

This made-it is actually another Mom made-it. (as is number 4!) At the end of last year, a glider showed up in one of the pods that my room connects to. No one else wanted it, so I moved it into my room.

The only problem was the navy blue cushions that look like they were about as old as I am!

My Mom made these new green covers with turquoise piping and they really brightened it up!

The old cushions are inside and the covers open with Velcro, so they will be easy to wash.

 Now on to the most sparkly of my made-its this week: my curtains.

I was out fabric shopping for my bulletin boards when my mom brought over this sparkly fabric to show me. She had the best idea to layer it over turquoise fabric to make some curtains that would match my color scheme.

She made me two for my library windows, two for my door windows and one really long one for my gigantic front window.

I love how sparkly and pretty they look!

My last made-it this week is something I made to go with my black pocket chart that I will be using for my poetry and phonics sort centers.
I wanted a way to store the pieces for the center that was easy for the kids to work with. There is very little I dislike more than a messy center!
I cut some foam board strips for the bottom and sides. Then I used packing tape to put the pieces together and covered it with duck tape to make it sturdier.
The final touch was some green duck tape to cover my messy edges!
I attached it to the wall by putting a strip of painter's tape on the wall, then hot gluing the tray to the tape. I haven't tried attaching anything like that before, so I will have to see how it goes!

 That just about sums up my busy week. I have a couple of pretty big made-its that I am working on finishing up for next week. Our meet the teacher night is on the 14th, so they will need to be done by then!

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