Sunday, June 30, 2013


Welcome to my brand new blog, Enchanted in Elementary! My name is Victoria and I am going into my fourth year teaching in an elementary school in sunny Florida. I have taught both first and second grade so far, and will be teaching first grade again this coming school year. I’ve been so inspired by all of the great teacher blogs out there that I decided it was time to share my ideas and creations! I absolutely love teaching and crafting and I really like for my room to reflect that. 

I have been teaching in portable classrooms since I started, but this coming year will be my first year in the building! I could not be more excited and have been spending my summer (so far) making things for my new room.

5 facts about me:
  • I am originally from England, but moved to Florida when I was four.
  • I used to teach clogging when I was in high school. Now, at this point people usually picture someone dancing around in wooden shoes, but that is not the case! Clogging is a little bit like tap dancing, but our shoes have double taps, no pointed wooden shoes here!
  • In addition to crafting, I also love to knit and cross stitch.
  • I absolutely LOVE flamingos! I have no recollection of when/how this obsession love started, but it's here and I have accepted it.
  • I live with a little furry beast that I call Maggie. She just turned 8 this month and is one of the noisiest cats I have ever heard! She seems to share my love of crafting and is always trying to get in on all the crafting fun, usually with pretty messy results...

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