Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It- Table points, Wreath, Paper storage and a back to school freebie!

I'm linking up with 4th grade frolics for my last Summer Monday Made it, I go back to school today!
I found this cardboard shelf at Target a couple of months ago and wanted to use it for storing writing and construction paper. I wanted to make it a bit sturdier and make it match my classroom, so I turned to duck tape.
I started by alternating pink and green on the shelves and putting them in the frame.
 I covered the outside with black duck tape and it was done! It feels pretty sturdy and holds quite a bit of paper without any sagging in the middle.
I don't have any before pictures of my next couple of projects, but I think the after shots look pretty good!
For this wreath, I took a plain green Styrofoam wreath and hot glued loops of ribbon until it was full and fluffy. I used nine different kinds of ribbon and a full bag of glue sticks. It also took several hours to complete, but it was so worth it! I have it hanging on the inside of the classroom door.
Next up I have my new system for table points. My students earn table points by working together in their group, being prepared, keeping their table neat, working quietly, etc. I have tried a couple of different systems for keeping track of them, but they haven't worked as well as I would like.
I was taking a quick break from moving furniture in my classroom last week when I noticed the wooden frames that I had painted and the buckets I got at Target.
I attached the buckets to the frame with the ribbon, added the bow, then used Velcro to stick the frames to a cupboard door. I plan to add a pompom (warm fuzzy) each time a table earns a point. We count the points up on Fridays and the students from the winning table earn a positive referral that could result in a positive phone call from the principal! One of my students got picked for one of the phone calls last year and he was SO excited, so it is a big motivator!

My last made-it for this week is an activity that I am going to be using during the first week of school.
The students will draw a self-portrait in the middle of the blank mirror and decorate it with pictures of things they like. We are going to display the poem and mirrors on the window outside our classroom.
This set is a freebie in my store, get your copy here!
Well, that's it for this Monday. I am off to school for our first day back meetings and classroom set-up. I was working on my room all of last week, so I should be ready to post the new pictures this week.
 I am quite pleased with my classroom so far and can't wait to share!

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  1. I love how you covered your Target shelf with duck tape to make it more sturdy. I love using duck tape to add a splash of color.

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