Sunday, December 13, 2015

Classroom Elf Adventures- Part 2 of 3

Welcome to the second week of our classroom elf adventures!

Last week we planted these magic seeds from the North Pole (see the full blog post here).

When the kids came in on Monday, they were so excited so see that our seeds had grown into candy canes!

Dot had decided to get in on the candy cane fun with a trip across the room on a candy cane zip line!

On Tuesday, we found Dot relaxing in her robe and slippers. We also discovered that she had sent us some pictures of her weekend hanging out with my pot-mate's elf, Tinsel!

I had come to school over the weekend and taken pictures of the two all around the school and put them into a photo album. It is the current favorite book in our classroom library! The kids have pointed out that there are a lot of blank pages, they are hoping that Dot will send us some more!

On Wednesday, Dot was hanging out in our READ sign in the library. The kids were more excited about her new boots though, they couldn't stop talking about them!

She also left us some special brag tags in her mailbox, the kids were so thrilled with the new brag tags that a lot of them brought their brag tags to show their 5th grade reading buddy on Friday!

Unfortunately, we were pretty loud and crazy on Wednesday. In fact, we were so wild that I found myself checking the calendar to see if it was a full moon! Poor Dot doesn't like a lot of noise, so she was in bed with a headache when we came in on Thursday. She told us in her letter that she stopped by the clinic on the way back from the North Pole to pick up an ice pack!

Our technology teacher is a good friend of mine and she agreed to help me out with our elf adventures this week. I took this picture of Dot-

and sent it to her. While the kids were working on their technology assignment on Thursday, she sent the picture out to their computers! They were so surprised and had to tell me all about it when I came to pick them up! Needless to say, Thursday was a much better day than Wednesday! :)

On Friday, Dot told us that she was practicing her ballet because she was going to be a sugarplum fairy in the North Pole's production of the Nutcracker. I have a little girl who is going to be in the Nutcracker, so she was very excited to see that she and Dot had something in common!

That was it for our adventures this week. Stay tuned for the final installment in my elf adventures series, coming next weekend! Dot and I have some serious elf mischief planned!

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