Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Made-It: Tidy tubs, my new word wall, and a preview of my new library!

I am so excited about setting up my classroom this year! My new color scheme (lime green/turquoise) has got me ready to get started!
My new library bins arrived this week! I am phasing out the pink ones I have used in years past and replacing them with these:
I am just waiting on a couple more orders to arrive, then I will be ready! I think we will be allowed back in during the first week of August since teachers start work the next week.
My first made-it this week was a pretty quick project. I found these cute mini trash cans at the dollar tree this week. They even match my table colors!
I made a quick label, stuck it on, and done!
We use our tidy tubs whenever we do an activity that involves cutting. It has really reduced the amount of trash we have to pick up from the floor. (It is also very cute how excited they get when we need them. "Hey guys, we need the tidy tubs!" is something that is often heard while we are setting up!)
To reduce the arguing over who gets to dump them out (yes, it happens...), only the table captain for the week gets to do the honor. If, for some reason, the table captain is unable to fulfill his/her duty, the table assistant takes over. :)

I am very excited about this made-it! I have loved flamingos for years. I can't remember when this love started, or why, but I adore them!
I came across this quote the other day: "Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons," and I thought it would be a great addition to my classroom!
Graphics by Creative Clips, Tracey Gurley Designs, and Grepic
I put this together and put it in a frame from the dollar tree. I think it will look great in my flamingo corner behind my desk!
(I am having the hardest time getting it centered in the frame, I thought it was, but now that I look at the picture again I can see it will need another adjustment!)

My last made-it was a long-term project that I have been working on for weeks!
I made these word wall cards in June and had them printed at Staples. After they had been laminated at the classroom store, I began the long and tiresome job of cutting them out (26 letter cards and 220 sight word cards, 246 total!)
Maggie was kind enough to keep me company while I worked.
After they had been cut out, I used a mini hole punch to punch a hole in each of the word cards, them put them onto binder rings by letter.
I am going to have them hanging up something like this, with the letter cards on the wall and the words on a hook below. I like that the kids will be able to take a ring to look at the words if they need to.
I am really glad to have that project out of the way!
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  1. I used those exact same trash bins last year as tidy tubs :-) They worked so well! Those colors look perfectly cheerful together!

  2. Cute trash bins. I do my word wall the same way. Love it;)

  3. I am in love with your trash bins too. I ALMOST went to Dollar Tree yesterday and decided I was too tired. You use the same colors as me. I like how you are doing Word Wall. I have thought about doing mine that way before.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I bought those trash bins too!! Love your labels. Love the word wall - I have been very tempted to make a portable word wall like this. Yours looks great - I am sure you are glad that cutting is done!

  5. I really need some tidy tubs this year! It would reduce the amount of time they waste getting out of their seats over and over again to go to the recycle bin!

    A View Into My Classroom

    1. Tidy tubs have been a huge timesaver for me! I have found that my transitions between activities are so much faster and less hectic when we use them.

  6. I love those mini-trash cans, tidy-tubs, what a cute name! I wonder if they have purple - my class table groups are green, pink, purple, blue!

    1. They did have some purple storage, but I can't remember if I saw purple trash cans or not. I find that once I see my colors, that's pretty much all I see!

  7. I made the same trash bins too! Love your MMI's.

    Hodges Herald

  8. I'm about to make my own little cards to go on rings like that. I think you post was a great reminder to keep the shape super simple so I don't have to do so much cutting!

  9. Can I ask where you ordered the book bins from? I've been contemplating buying, but don't want to break the bank!

    1. Jennie,

      I got the bins from Really Good Stuff. They aren't the most reasonable bins I have ever seen, but they are so durable. The green ones I still have in my classroom have lasted for 3 years so far, and a lot of them still look brand new!


  10. I love your Tidy Tub labels! Will they be available in your shop? I'm running to Dollar Tree first thing tomorrow! :)

  11. I love how your word wall design looks cute but still clean and easy for the kids to read. Nice!

    My Bright Blue House